Yesterday was Bike to Work and School Day in Tempe and of course we were going to take part! We don’t normally do the school drop-off by bike because I’m not a fan of riding 5 miles with two kids during rush-hour. Pick-up, not an issue, we do it on the daily. Drop-off… ugh! But I was fully committed, this was going to happen. Big was not happy about this at all! She had a school field-trip and the teacher had threatened all kids with a day at the principal’s office if they were late and missed the bus. This type of threats cause serious anxiety on Big… but this is a whole other topic I’m not going to get into right now. Anyway, because of this fear, Big did not want to waste time on a slow bike, stopping for breakfast and taking pictures.

We left ridiculously early so that she would chill out. We also all rode together on the cargo bike. Yes, Big can commute on her own bike, she’s been doing it for a few years now. But I feel we are much safer on one bike during rush hour traffic on Elliot Rd, which unfortunately, is an unavoidable road on our route to school.


We had to go a little out-of-the-way to get to Wildflower Bread Company for free breakfast. Luckily Big had relaxed a lot thanks to a nice ride on the Canal counting all the adorable baby ducklings and mama ducks. Chocolate muffins for breakfast… totally worth a detour!


Other kids on bikes to school! I’m loving this!


Strangers were talking, sharing ride/commute stories over a cup of coffee, checking out each others bikes; basically being nice and social! Kids made fast friends, even if just for a few minutes before it was time to get going again. It was a great way to start the day! So different from getting in your car with the windows up, ready to battle the rest of the world in order to get there.


And because we arrived to Wildflower Bread Company extra early, I got a Tempe Bike Month 2015 shirt! SCORE!


The rest of the way to school was great! Lots of people and families on bike waving at each other and even shouting “Good morning!” from across the roads! I wish every day would be like this! The kids were having a great time finding other bike commuters to greet and enjoying the nice cool morning. Big kept talking about what a nice way this was to spend the morning with family. There are no more photos because I was afraid stopping for my camera would have gotten her back on the “time and rushing” mindset, I didn’t want to ruin the ride for her.

If you didn’t bike to school or work yesterday you missed out, but guess what? Everyday can be bike to school and work day. Yes, the free muffin was nice and the shirt was a very nice touch, but they are not what made the commute so special. Get a group of friends, ride to work together, get a cup of coffee. Get together a group of families in your neighborhood and ride together to school. I am going to make it a goal for this year to do more drop-offs by bike. I am seriously considering changing schools to one that’s two-miles away, all neighborhood roads. That would be the dream! I’m also going to form a group of biking families to share the road withDid you know that The Bicycle Cellar has a gorgeous turquoise blue Xtracycle Edgerunner on sale? How I wish a cool family would buy that thing!


A few things before I am done with this post.

  • Do you live in the Phoenix area? There’s a group of riders that meet to commute to work every Friday at Rollover Doughnuts. It’s called BFF with PSP.
  • Are you thinking about getting a cargo bike? Check out this post.
  • Want to join an official ride to work day this year? There are several happening for each city. Maricopa County is next Wednesday.

That’s it for now! Happy family biking!