Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.: 721 N. Arizona Ave. #103 Gilbert, AZ 85233

* I am not a food critic! I am just a hungry biker! I love to ride my bike to food and drink. I try to fairly review things like: bike parking, how welcoming they are to sweaty people with helmet hair, food/drink and price.

This place is amazing! The food is amazing. The beer is amazing. Let me tell you all about it!

First off, Wilderness is off the Western Canal, so very easy to get to by bike. Unfortunately Arizona Ave doesn’t have a bike lane, but you don’t have to be on Arizona for long before you get there. The vibe is very casual. I rode in normal clothes, but had I been in a kit or something like it, I wouldn’t have felt out-of-place.


They have a bike rack! Very close to the new patio so if you sit outside you can easily keep an eye on your bike. Several bikes already there by the time I arrived, weeee!


Ok let’s get into the best part; the food and drink! Peanut Butter and Jalapeño Burger: This burger just sounded so wild I had to try it. The waiter, who was wonderful by the way, really went off on how good it was, easing all my worries about it. The burger was better than I expected it could be. The jalapeño jelly was amazing, and the cheddar and peanut butter sauce was soooo delish! If any of it drips off the burger, make sure to pick it up with some chips or a fry. The bacon was crispy and delish, and the pretzel bun, which is usually not my favorite, was also so good! I could eat this burger forever! Belgische Fritejes: These delish fries are cooked in duck-fat oil and sprinkled with fresh rosemary and thyme. Yumm. The only bad thing about the fries was that the majority were the little stumps… you know like what you get at the end… well that’s what I got most of. That’s definitely a pet-peeve of mine, but the flavors were on point! I also asked for a side of the beer-cheese sauce for the fries (not pictured) def worth it! Santa Teresa Enkel 5.7%: I could drink this beer forever… swim in it, bathe in it etc. Get it? It was good.

IMG_9677 IMG_9679 IMG_9681 IMG_9682 IMG_9684IMG_9683

Peanut Butter and Jalapeño Jelly Burger, Belgische Fritejes, Cheese Beer Sauce and Santa Teresa Enkel: $20.97 (not including tax and tip with burger special pricing)

For all this amazingness… I mean really, really good food and beer… this price is wonderful! Good luck keeping it to just one beer though!

Overall we say Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. is… bicycle friendly! 

  • Very close to the Western Canal.
  • Bike racks in view of the patio.
  • Casual vibe.
  • Friendly happy service and great beer!