Yesterday we attended the TBAG board meeting to give them the money you guys have donated to them through the shirt sales so far. They were very, very happy to receive it! Thank you!

TBAG board meetings are open to the public. They take place once a month in Boulders on Broadway. The next meeting has yet to be scheduled, but when it is, I will update this post and add the event to the calendar.

If you are curious about how your city’s advocacy group operates, how they are working for you, or if you are interested in taking part; you should attend these meetings. There were several non-board-members present.

The following points were discussed:

  • Finances/Budget
  1. Budgets for different projects were discussed.
  2. Tour de Fat budget was discussed at length.
  1. Tour de Fat preparations will start soon. First meeting coming up.
  2. TdF will be organized differently this year.
  • Guest topics:
  1. Web designer for new TBAG website was introduced.
  2. Public’s confusion about entrance fee for upcoming Solstice Ride was addressed.
  1. Slip and slide
  2. Park regulations
  3. Venue
  • Volunteers:
  1. Form better communication with volunteers.
  2. Commence a linkage between volunteers and Bike Saviours.
  3. Volunteer party.
  • TBAG online store:
  1. Online store is built, should be live and fully-operational in the near future.
  1. First meeting for new website was held last week.
  2. Editors for website’s blog need to be assigned.
  • Bike count
  1. Electronic bike count will stop during the summer months.
  • Web app – I didn’t quite get what this was all about. Sorry.

That’s about it. The meeting was about an hour and a half long.

Peace out, and thanks again for supporting Bike That AZ Up and the community of Arizona at large!

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