Cafe Poca Cosa: 110 East Pennington Tucson, AZ 85701

* I am not a food critic! I am just a hungry biker! I love to ride my bike to food and drink. I try to fairly review things like: bike parking, how welcoming they are to sweaty people with helmet hair, food/drink and price.

Cafe Poca Cosa is located in Downtown Tucson. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a world of amazingness when you walk in.

I had just finished a very long ride… I was hot and sweaty, helmet hair, I’m pretty sure I didn’t smell so good either. When I walk in… OH NO! This place is kind of swanky. This is the first time I felt kind of uncomfortable with my appearance in a restaurant. The location is beautifully decorated and the patrons looked as if they worked in the Downtown area, all dressed in office attire. Luckily I didn’t come for dinner or I may have walked out.

I decided to walk in and get a seat at the bar. I was graciously greeted and never made feel bad about my dress. I asked for a margarita and began to enjoy my delightful experience in Cafe Poca Cosa…


IMG_0517 IMG_0520

There are several bike racks close to Poca Cosa. Most of them were packed with bikes, but I managed to find one near the location.

IMG_0504 IMG_0505

The food in this place is like heaven… its soooo good!!! This IS NOT your average Mexican restaurant. The waitress walks up to you with a menu written on a chalkboard and starts going through the dishes for the day. There isn’t one taco or quesadilla in this menu. Everything sounds amazing! I couldn’t decide so I got the Plato Poca Cosa which is a sample of three dishes being cooked up at the moment. No one can say what I will be served… whatever is being prepared when my order makes it to the kitchen, that’s what I’ll get.

My dish came in and first of all, it was beautiful! I can’t remember exactly what she said each dish was but I think it was the Pollo Morita, Asada Salsa Puya and Pastel de Elote with Carrot Sauce. All dishes are served with a gorgeous salad, corn tortillas, white rice and pinto beans.

Everything was so incredibly amazing and tasty and flavorful. The sauces were to die for. The meats were tender and cooked to perfection. The vegetarian dish, Pastel de Elote, was like a dessert made for the gods!  The salad was so fresh and all vegetables and greens packed with flavor! This is the best Mexican food I have ever tasted!

The Margarita Chinaco was so so so so so good and extremely refreshing!!! I could easily drink five of those suckers!

Everything was so amazing I had to try the desserts. I ordered the Flan which was also so good! The caramel was spot on without any bitterness or that burnt taste many flans have. The flan was very cinnamonie and the texture and temperature were perfect!

Oh I almost forgot. Chips and Salsa were also served and were very good!

Everything was perfect!!!

IMG_0524 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0530 IMG_0531

Chips and Salsa (free), Plato Poca Cosa, Margarita Chinaco and Flan: $31 (not including taxes and tip)

All this amazing food, friendly and professional service and wonderful atmosphere is worth the $31. This is truly an experience everyone should treat themselves to!

Overall we say Cafe Poca Cosa is… bicycle friendly! 

This was a tough one… mostly because the restaurant has a vibe of “fine dining”, ultimately we say it is bicycle friendly because…

  • Plenty of bike racks
  • Although the restaurant has a swanky feel, it really isn’t so. The hostess and waitress were very welcoming even in my bikey attire and the mood is very casual.
  • Large bathrooms for freshening up. No private sinks but it is spacious.
  • Every long ride should end with this margarita.