Macy’s European Coffee House and Bakery: 14 S. Beaver St. Flagstaff, AZ

* I am not a food critic! I am just a hungry biker! I love to ride my bike to food and drink. I try to fairly review things like: bike parking, how welcoming they are to sweaty people with helmet hair, food/drink and price.

Macy’s is located in Downtown Flagstaff. This is one of my favorite coffee houses ever. What I love about this place more than anything else, is the chill vibe. This place is usually pretty busy with tons of interesting characters. Come wearing whatever you want. It’s all good here.


IMG_6166 IMG_6168 IMG_6171 IMG_6173 IMG_6223

Macy’s has a large bike rack right by their front door and outside seating. Tons of bikes always locked up to it.


The coffee and pastries in this place are pretty good too! This was the first time I have ever tried an Espresso con Panna, which is an espresso with a tiny dollop of real whipped cream. It was really good, but I prefer their regular espresso. I also had a Chocolate Stuffed Croissant. First of all it was gigantic, this one is definitely made for sharing. The croissant was cold and the chocolate was kind of hard and stiff, so the temperature and texture were somewhat off, however the flavor was good.

IMG_6194 IMG_6218

Espresso con Panna and Chocolate Stuffed Croissant: $4.60 (not including taxes and tip)

Really good price I think…

Overall we say Macy’s European Coffee House and Bakery is… bicycle friendly!!!

  • Lots of bike parking
  • Very casual vibe
  • Large bathrooms with private sink
  • Great coffee