After 14 years of service in this memorable location, Rage has moved to a bigger spot on 6411 E. Thomas Rd.

Replicating the vibe of this quaint locale will not be an easy feat, but the Rage crew is confident they can do it, and although moving is certainly bittersweet, there is no denying they desperately need the extra space.

We will do a proper write up on Rage when we go check out the new site. For now enjoy a few pictures of the ol’ little shop crammed with fierce bikes, grit and a beer fridge.

Good luck Rage! Can’t wait to see the new space! IMG_9614wIMG_9810wIMG_9802wIMG_9627wIMG_9633wIMG_9638wIMG_9649wIMG_9653wIMG_9650wIMG_9661wIMG_9669wIMG_9663wIMG_9665wIMG_9674w IMG_9681wIMG_9771wIMG_9779wIMG_9781wIMG_9692wIMG_9695wIMG_9696wIMG_9737wIMG_9721wIMG_9725wIMG_9731wIMG_9749wIMG_9741wIMG_9757wIMG_9767wIMG_9622wIMG_9603wIMG_9818wIMG_9958w IMG_9966w