TIP: Tuesday Inclusive Pedaling – TIP – Tempe, AZ – 07.28.2015

TIP Ride is a new social ride taking place every Tuesday in Tempe. Meeting at 6:30pm at Tempe Beach Park.

The group has a different leader each week who is in charge of planning the route and picking the final location. Yesterday Sandy Lozano led us on a 5-6 mile ride to Palo Verde.IMG_9341w IMG_9347w IMG_9349w IMG_9358w IMG_9364w IMG_9368w IMG_9377wIMG_9392w IMG_9399w IMG_9406w IMG_9425w IMG_9428w IMG_9430w IMG_9439w IMG_9451w IMG_9468w IMG_9480w IMG_9501w IMG_9506w IMG_9511w IMG_9519w IMG_9525w IMG_9528w IMG_9531w IMG_9532w IMG_9535w IMG_9540w IMG_9544w