A small group of cycling friends and I decided to go on a mini-getaway, by bike, girls only. The weekend soon adopted the moniker Treat Yo’ Self after Korina sent us a funny video from Parks and Recreation. What started as a joke, quickly became a serious mission to take two days to spoil ourselves as we wanted to. No explanations needed, nothing was too silly, zero judgement.

We decided to stay in the Valley Ho in Scottsdale because:

  • It’s a beautiful hotel with tons of character, and totally vintage which a lot of us are into.
  • It’s in a great location. Close to many restaurants and bars we could bike to.
  • They have great specials and packages available throughout the summer.
  • A huge Sway pool party was taking place in the hotel on the same weekend.

All I need for a two-day getaway.


On the last minute I grabbed this beautiful bottle of red wine. My friend Jackie (www.bicyclebettie.com), who was was with us this weekend, brought it to my house a few weeks ago. I thought it would be the perfect wine to share on this bike trip.


Everything fits perfectly on one of the Wideloaders on my Surly Big Dummy.


I start my 15 mile journey on the Western Canal.


The Western Canal Path is basically my canal. I use it everyday and I am so thankful that it exists!


My first treat was an ice cream sandwich on Mill Ave’s Slickables. I stopped for water, since I was already out, but ice cream was sounding like the perfect first treat for Treat Yo’ Self 2015.


It was all canals the rest of the way: Crosscut Canal and Arizona Canal. Except for Mill, my whole trip consisted of canals! This made the trip very enjoyable, despite the heat. The only “bad” thing about canals is that there are not a lot of places to pull over for extra water. I ran out of water about a mile away from O.H.S.O., where we were all meeting. Had I had longer to go I would have gotten off the canal and looked for a place to get more. Since I was so close, and already late, I went ahead without it. Next time I’ll bring a lot more water with me.


Some time along all my canal riding, Korina and Libby had started their ride to O.H.S.O. from Phoenix, a good nine miles. Libby knows the way to our hearts!!!


I made it to O.H.S.O.!!! Check out all those misters and fans…. can’t get down there quick enough!


The girls were already there and I was greeted with a pint of Treat Yo’ Self! A delicious beer brewed in O.H.S.O. I come here tons and I’ve never noticed this beer before.  So much happy all around!


Who needs water when there’s Treat Yo’ Self beer?

photo 1 (6)

Jackie shared this photo with us from her ride over to OHSO. We figured it must be an error because of where her bike was placed, but it’s still crazy! I think it was more like 105… but who knows?!


Riding on the Grand Canal in Phoenix on our way to the Valley Ho… dirt.


Riding on the Crosscut Canal in Scottsdale on our way to the Valley Ho… paved and flowers! #treatyoself


The Valley Ho is about a mile or so from OHSO, straight shot down the canal. It was just a few minutes of riding before we could see it! The palm trees mark the spot!


Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale


Rolling in!

The welcoming staff was super friendly, and acted as if they've seen bicycles before. You'd be surprised...

The bell staff was super friendly, helpful and welcoming.


We were invited to leave our bikes by the entrance of the hotel where they would watch them for us while we checked in. Thanks that’s so nice!


My room was gorgeous! Exactly what is needed for a fabulous Treat Yo’ Self weekend! It was on the ground floor, with a huge patio and right by the most lovely, private, salt-water pool. The room was huge and had plenty of space for my giant cargo bike and then some!


Attention to detail! A snack basket with fresh fruits, cookies and a cold bottle of water came with my photography permission card and a sweet welcome note. The bathroom was huge and had a nice, deep tub I couldn’t wait to use. Their toiletries smell a-ma-zing! I’m a sucker for miniatures: The little bottles of Patron Tequila and other spirits with a mini shaker, literally on a silver platter… I was swept off my feet!

photo 2 (6)w

Back to reality: the Circle K right next to the Valley Ho is stacked… and the prices are just right! Treat Yo’ Self on a budget!


Bossa nova and a cold cava with Jackie.


And finally all four of us took a dip in the quiet, refreshing and very relaxing salt-water pool. We hung out there till we decided food wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Out to dinner at the Valley Ho’s Cafe ZuZu with my three gorgeous friends!


The potions are sooo good!


Aaaaaand this was the end of the night for me. I had grand plans of bar-hopping throughout Scottsdale; but I was done for and could not muster the strength to keep going. Treat Yo’ Self means I can go to sleep in my awesome room and not feel bad about it…. and it was everything!


I somehow managed to peel myself out of bed, run jog/walk/crawl a few miles on the treadmill and check out the spa facilities while the others slept it off.


Followed by coffee on the comfy lounge chaise on the room’s patio.


And then crawled back into this ridiculously comfy bed, got cozy in the amazing bedding, and chilled at 70 degrees until check-out time. I somehow missed hungover Jackie destroy her left-over veggie burger.

Instead of checking out, I extended my check-out time for a couple of hours and invited all the other girls to bring their stuff over for a few more hours in the pool. This room was big enough for FOUR bikes and all our stuff!

Instead of checking out, I extended my check-out time for a couple of hours and invited the others to bring their stuff over for extra time in the pool. This room was big enough for FOUR bikes and all our stuff!

And we dabbled on Libby's libations.

Libby’s libations!


Sway Pool Party


Check-out time was onto us again but we were still not ready to go home! The Valley Ho stored our bikes and luggage for a bit longer so we could enjoy a last meal and drinks at Cafe ZuZu.

Cafe ZuZu.

Cafe ZuZu.

Finally, it was time to go home and face reality.

I guess it had to happen. Time to go home.

The weekend was so much fun. It’s crazy how just a couple of miles can still give you the sense of vacation. I was able to disconnect from the stresses of my day-to-day life, decompress for a full two days and form a stronger bond with other women in the biking community. The four of us decided we will make this an annual event. Can’t wait for Treat Yo’ Self 2016!

Also, props to the Valley Ho for being very bicycle friendly!


Special thanks to Director of PR + Communications for the Valley Ho Hotel, Kristin Heggli. Thank you so much for all your help on this fantastic getaway!