Rollover Doughnuts: 10 W Vernon, Phoenix, AZ

* I am not a food critic! I am just a hungry biker! I love to ride my bike to food and drink. I try to fairly review things like: bike parking, how welcoming they are to sweaty people with helmet hair, food/drink and price.

Rollover doughnuts is a sweet little coffee and doughnut shop located in Downtown Phoenix. It’s tiny, with only outdoor seating. Very casual. Kits, helmet hair and sweaty faces are all welcome to relax with a cup of coffee and a delicious doughnut.


I left my bike leaning against that column the whole time I was there, only to realize there were two large bike racks right in front of my face the whole time! Rollover Doughnuts is also right next to a Grid Bike Share location and the light-rail.

IMG_6469w IMG_6465w

For coffee I ordered the Orange Cardamom Latte. It seems everyone on Earth has an orgasm to this thing…. I’m not a latte girl. I usually order an espresso. Lately I’m getting bored. I hate missing out on all the fancy coffee drinks out there so I decided to order the orgasmic latte. I finally had it in my hand… a cute coffee drink with those cute milk designs on the top… the kind you never ever get on a tiny demitasse… took one sip… I hated it. It tasted like the content of a baby’s bottle. I gave it to my friend to try out… she really liked it. So I guess it’s just me.

I went for a specialty doughnut: the Orange Glaze + Chopped Pistachios. Speciality doughnuts are a little more expensive but I am obsessed with pistachios. The doughnut was really, really good! The doughnuts here are not as fluffy or sweet as say a BoSa or a Krispy Kreme, but they are good. The flavors are delicate and spot-on… this is definitely something better than the norm.

IMG_6473 IMG_6474

Orange Cardamom Latte and Orange Glaze + Chopped Pistachios Doughnut: $7.75 (not including taxes or tip)

Wow! I thought this was crazy expensive… what was supposed to be an orgasmic experience left me feeling ripped off. The doughnut alone would have been $2.25, which is expensive for a doughnut, but it was a “specialty” doughnut, so ok. But I had no idea fancy coffee was so expensive! Another reason to love espresso!

Overall we say Rollover Doughnuts is… bicycle friendly!!!

  • Casual setting
  • Two large bike racks
  • Steps from a Grid Bike Share location
  • A few more steps from the Valley Metro Light Rail
  • Coffee and doughnuts… duh!