Raw Elements Organic Sunscreens + Giveaway ***DONE***
InexpensiveWater/Sweat ResistantBroad-Spectrum ProtectionECO SafeReef SafeNatural, Chemical and Preservative FreeNON GMO, Made with Organic IngredientsNever Runs, Doesn't Sting EyesNamed Best Sunscreens by EWGNo Breakouts (stick version)Perfect Make-Up-Free Finished Look (ECO TINT 30+ STICK)
86%Overall Score
Water/Sweat Resistance (First 80 minutes of application)100%
Broad-Sprectum Protection100%
Easy to Apply (stick version)100%
Easy to Apply (tube version)70%
Non-Greasy/Waxy (stick version)95%
Non-Greasy/Waxy (tube version)20%

Congratulations Cristopher M!

It’s no secret that riding can take a toll on our skin. Using the right sunscreen is detrimental to a positive riding experience and overall care.

Ok to be honest I never use sunscreen on my daily commuting rides. But I know I have to start. I need something that’s easy to use and won’t make my skin breakout.

RAW Elements USA has a line of non gmo, eco and reef safe, organic sunscreen. For the last month I have been using three of their products:

  • ECO STICK 30+


My first thought was that I would never use the ECO TINT STICK 30+. I never use make up, the thought of painting my face doesn’t fly with me. Tinted sunscreen seems to walk that line between make-up and bare-face. But of course I had to try it for the sake of this review… I was not expecting to fall in love with this product.

The sunscreen has a distinctive smell to it. It’s not bad, it smells like botanicals. Sure enough after checking the ingredients I see words like hemp, cocoa butter, coffee, bees wax, etc. The smell didn’t bother me or any one else that tried it.

I rubbed the stick on my face and was in awe at how perfect the color blended into my skin. It didn’t look as if I had put on makeup at all. I didn’t have to spend any time blending it, other than rubbing it a little to make sure I would have protection all over my face. You don’t even need a mirror to apply it. It did give my face a more even complexion and a more matted look. My skin is olive-toned. Both my Mom and I used it, and it looked great on both of us. She’s not pale either, but lighter than me.

After using it for a month I can tell you that my skin has never looked better. I didn’t get any sun exposure plus my skin just feels and looks healthier. I didn’t breakout at all while using this product. Breakouts are not common for me, except for when I use sunscreen. I do wash my face at night, but even on nights when I would skip the wash (stayed out late etc) I still woke up blemish free.

It does have a waxy feel. When you first put it on it feels thick on your face, until it’s absorbed. Towards the end of the day, if you rub your face you feel it’s still on! I take that as a good sign because it means it’s still shielding you some. However, the directions advise you to reapply at least every two hours, more if you swim or sweat a lot.

I love, love, love this product!!! I will be using this one forever! The perfect makeup for the non-make up girls. Takes two seconds to put on. Small enough to fit in a pocket to reapply. Really shields your face from the sun.


After trying out the ECO TINT STICK 30+ I wanted nothing to do with the non-tinted, but I had to try it. It had all the qualities of the tinted stick but without the “finished” look – that’s what I am calling it now 🙂

Ed used the non-tinted ECO STICK 30+ for a month. He was also very happy with the results. His favorite part was that when he sweats there was no stinging in his eyes…. ouch! I didn’t even know that was going on ever, so yeah… I’m very happy that is not happening anymore. Stinging in your eyes can’t be good. I do not know what would be the cause of this, but my guess is that the old sunblocks we used were loaded with chemicals whereas these are not. That, and the fact that this block doesn’t run at all.

He didn’t experience any break outs from using it and his face never got sunburned… which is extremely rare since he spends a ridiculous amount of time outside in full sun exposure.

Ed is very happy with this product and he intends to keep using it.


I found the ECO FORMULA 30+ LOTION TUBE very waxy and greasy. I used it on my shoulders and arms for longer rides and I did have to wash my hands for a long time to get the grease off of them. I wouldn’t reapply this out on a ride because of this. However, no sun ray is getting through this lotion. It is a shield! So whereas I wouldn’t recommend it as my on-the-go block, it is definitely worth it to lather yourself with it before going on a long ride in the brutal AZ sun.

I used it on my girls to replace the chemicals they usually use when going swimming. I always put sunblock on them, but they still get some sun… obviously. Not with this. Not a hint of sun.

Breakouts. You might get them with the lotion. Ed had taken the ECO STICK 30+ with him, and not wanting to share my tinted one, I put the lotion on my girls’ faces. They were swimming through the harshest hours of the day 10am – 2pm. The excellent news is their faces did not get burnt at all. Not in the slightest! But…. they each broke out. My 4yo got a zit on her forehead and my 8yo two huge ones on her nose. I would highly recommend using the stick on the face over the lotion.


Overall I couldn’t be happier with these products. They blocked the sun better than any sunscreen I have ever used in the past, and it always feels good to use less chemicals on yourself and family. Plus being a Caribbean girl, sunscreen that is REEF SAFE is the way to go for me. I know that is not a big concern in Arizona, but I like to support companies that care about our of marine-life.

Another fantastic thing about RAW Elements is their price. I’m used to seeing ridiculous prices attached to high quality sunscreen. Not here. They sell for about $12 dollars in amazon.com for the same sizes we have been using (0.60 oz for the sticks 3.0 oz for the lotion). Ed and I have been using our sticks for a month and there is still product left. I expect my ECO TINT STICK 30+ to last about two to four more weeks. The lotion tube still has a ton of product left… a little goes a long way. Definitely worth the price!

But even better, RAW Elements has given us a set with all of these products to give away to one lucky Bike That AZ Up reader! Enter below.

Special thanks to Raw Elements USA founders Brian Guadagno and Mike Dannheim for giving us a sample of their products so that we could review them for our readers. Interested in running a product review with Bike That AZ Up? Contact us today!


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  • Winners will receive a free set of RAW Elements organic sunscreens including: ECO TINT STICK 30+ (0.60 oz), ECO STICK 30+ (0.60 oz) and ECO FORMULA 30+ LOTION TUBE (3 oz).
  • Bike That AZ Up will randomly pick a winner through Rafflecopter.
  • Giveaway closes September 29th 2015 11:59PM. Winner will be announced September 30th 2015.
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  • Must live in the USA.

For more info on this great line of sunscreen check out rawelementsusa.com

Special thanks to Raw Elements USA founders Brian Guadagno and Mike Dannheim for this giveaway. Interested in running a giveaway with Bike That AZ Up? Contact us today!

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