Hello everyone! Yes, I have been M.I.A. No, Bike That AZ Up is not dead. I just took some time off. A quite extensive sabbatical no doubt, but I am now ready to get things going again.

My parents were in town visiting. Since moving to Arizona I only see my parents about once a year. So I took some time off to really spend it with them.


I don’t know if you recall a while back I posted about finding a bike for Mom to ride while she was in town. Well, she didn’t ride bikes once. It was too hot for her to ride, very different from when she came to visit last October. My Dad sucked it up and rode around town some, mostly in the mornings of course. I hate that they left today because I can finally feel a brake in the weather. Could it be that summer will soon be over?

I barely rode myself. Other than a few and short social rides, I haven’t done shit.

So in one way, I am ready… or at least need to get back to my routine. I need to get on my bike man…

During my vacation I had my turn to host the weekly TIP Ride. The way TIP works is that a different person gets to lead the ride each week. The leader is responsible for picking out a ride and destination.

Yep it was my turn to lead, and it was one of the most fun Tuesdays for me in a long time. And why wouldn’t it be? I planned it and did exactly what I wanted to do. But the truly great part was that all (ok not all but by far a large majority) of my friends were there. It had been a really long time since I spent a Tuesday with everyone. Too long. And it felt like old times. Without it feeling forced or the need to make a statement.


TIP Ride 09.05.15: Yo Who’s On Munchies Tonight

I did other things during my time away. I also shot a feature for The Garage Bike Shop. Man that was fun. I love that bike shop. Have you been there? It’s in Guadalupe and it’s a real mom and pop shop. The whole family is so invested in this shop and their patrons are die-hard fans. It is always an inspiration to be around people like this: People that are putting the work to live their dream and enjoying every moment of it. That vibe is so contagious and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


I have lots and lots of catching up to do today. Lots of posts coming up in the very near future.

So come back again for all of that!

Photo credit: unknown