I open the door, the smell of rubber and oil is strong. There’s no coffee brewing. Neutral Milk Hotel is not playing on a high-tech sound system. Rene is lying on the showroom wrenching a large trike. He flashes me a smile and tells me to help myself to whatever is in the fridge, reminding me that there’s beer in there. The trike’s owner standing above him carelessly chatting away while Rene is fixated on his work. He gets up, wipes the grease off his hands, pulls a number out of his head… a number that’s fair. Cash and friendly goodbyes are exchanged.

The scenario plays out quite a bit during my visit.

People show up on their bikes, all kinds of bikes. They greet and talk a bit while Rene quickly fixes them up and sends them on their way.


I make myself at home and check out the shop while Rene is busy helping another rider that just dropped by. The showroom is packed with bikes. The majority of them used and fixed by him, but there are some new ones as well.

Rene Pulido, owner of The Garage Bike Shop, has been a bike mechanic for well over 20 years. This is what he loves to do. He believes in the bicycle and wants to make it feasible for everyone to ride one. He encourages all to bring to him whatever they’ve got, he can get you out the door riding on two wheels.

If you are looking for an honest mechanic who actually knows his shit, and who isn’t? You just found him.


The commotion of his family busting in after a long week of school, football and soccer fills the shop. They come bringing food, even for me! They all settle in the work area and talk, help out and enjoy being together.

For Rene and his wife Audrey, this is the dream. Together they have owned The Garage Bike Shop for four years.


Rene and James, a close family friend, work on this Soma.


The kids share stories about their week…


…help with small chores around the shop…


… and learn the family trade.


Lots of activity in the work area. Rene is completely unfazed by it all.


The girls that run the show.

The Garage Bike Shop is a real “mom and pop”. The whole family is so invested in this shop and their patrons are die-hard fans. It is always an inspiration to be around people like this: People that are putting the work to live their dream and enjoying every moment of it. That vibe is so contagious.

The Pulido Family

The Pulido Family

Local bike shops are an essential part of our vibrant bicycle community and we need to support them. To learn more about The Garage Bike Shop check out their website or stop by for a visit.


8402 S. Avenida Del Yaqui – Guadalupe, AZ