Well, almost…  Like an asshole I decided to make a New Years resolution last year.  There are only a few more days left in 2015 so I am calling it a success. The resolution was to sell my beautiful pick up truck.. my only tangible item from my shitty marriage… my escape vehicle.. my consumerism enabling and conveyance device… the only place that I felt comfortable singing… I sold this thing to go one full year with a bicycle as my only means of transportation.

Why did I do this?  I would like to say that my actions stemmed from a selfless place.. like that I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint or save dolphins or some shit.. But, no.  I kinda wanted to burn it all down and start again.. I had spent a few years prior selling all my crap and trying to escape a system of work and routine that was killing my soul.

Photo credit: Unknown

Photo credit: Unknown

Ditching the truck was the last step of my self-destructive life re-boot. A big ol’ middle finger to the system that I had grown uncomfortable with.

Six months after ditching the truck I started dreaming of what I was going to buy to drive when my car free year was over… I had so many plans. Maybe I will get a cool van so I can live in it like a hobo, I would say. Or, maybe I will get a really cool bobbed out motorbike and join a gang…

The thing is, as I started thinking of all the money that I could spend on a thing that would just cost me more money, allow me to buy more shit that I don’t need, and allow me to roll lazy through town eating donuts and getting all fat and unhealthy… I decided to say fuck it.

I like donuts and I like being lazy. I like not having a car.

Fuck the system. That’s why I got rid of my car in the first place.

I am just going to buy more bikes, be as lazy as not having a car allows, and not get as fat when I eat all the donuts that I want.

I am going to make it through these last few days of 2015 without buying a new car so hooray for me for doing a thing!

Also, I resolve to go the entirety of 2016 car free…. like an asshole.. again.

Why am I telling you this?  Why should you care?  Well, chances are if you are checking out Bike That AZ Up then you are here on purpose. You probably ride a bike. That makes you way more rad then everyone that doesn’t.

I am also guessing that some of you, whilst pedaling about free of your problems with the childlike joy that only riding a bicycle can provide, wouldn’t mind too badly if you returned from your bike ride to find your condo blown up and all your problems gone forever.

For those few who like the idea of burning it all down but don’t want to do the dirty work, I invite you to live vicariously through me and my bad life choices.

You can follow another beer and bike filled year of mine from the safety of your computer screen.

I will bring you along on my bicycle adventures. We can talk about minimalist living, we can drink too much, we can spend all of our money on bikes and pizza and no one will care.

Maybe I can keep you crazy assholes from selling your cars, quitting your jobs, and destroying your lives.

I mean, I kinda want you to do those things so that I feel better about my questionable life choices… But, you shouldn’t.. unless you want to.. I wont judge you.

Either way, I am here for you. Don’t destroy your life on purpose. Let time do that for you. Ride a bike while it’s happening and try to smile.