It’s raining and word on the street is that it will rain all week. If this puts a damper on your riding plans you are not alone. Sure, we will still all ride some… but we will be spending more time at home.

What’s better than getting all cozy, wrapped up in a warm blanket, listening to the sound of the rain with a little snack and maybe a drink too? Doing all that with Netflix!

Here is a list of movies that are on Netflix now and have something to do with a bicycle. Now, this is not the normal list you’ve seen making the rounds. These shows and movies have nothing to do with cycling at all… I just remember seeing a bicycle in a scene or something. This is almost like six degrees of separation but with bicycles instead of Kevin Bacon. So here we go.

Also! I am not a huge movie buff and therefore have not seen every movie in Netflix. Surely I missed some stuff. Feel free to let me know so we can make this list even longer.

Also, also! Some of these movies are just better with a side of your favorite herbal refreshment. I am marking those with *.

Also, also also! Don’t give me any crap about spoilers. All of this is old.


1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia *

This is by far one of my favorite shows. Guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off. Does this show have anything to do with cycling? Nope. But they do have a little bicycle bell sound when they switch to another scene. Also there is Charlie and Dee Find Love (Season 8 Episode 4) in the which Charlie, stalking the Waitress, freaks out because she leaves her bike unlocked when delivering some food or something.

2. The Office

The Office is ok. I liked it a lot way back in the day and then just never watched it again. I do remember one episode where Jim bikes to work. (Season 9 Final Episode)

3. Family Guy ***

Family Guy has several bicycle scenes throughout their many seasons. But let’s go with It’s a Trap! (Season 9 Episode 18) This episode retells the story of Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi the way only Family Guy can and it’s just great! The bicycle chase is beautiful and even Pee Wee and his bike make an appearance. The only clip I found is terrible and hard to watch. I don’t want to ruin it for you, so you are just going to have to check this one out for yourselves. Definitely worth it.

4. Friends

Come on! Everybody loves Friends. I cannot for certain recall how many episodes had something to do with bikes but I will always remember The One with All the Candy (Season 7 Episode 9) in the which Phoebe admits she’s never had a bike. Ross buys her a bike but she’s afraid to ride it so then Ross tries to teach her how.

5. 30 Rock

I know there is an episode where we see Kenneth riding, but my favorite is the one where Liz goes on a “Mommy Forum” for help finding a bike for her daughter. Oh, all of this is so true…

6. Portlandia *

This show is really hit or miss for me which is why herbal is a must. As far as bicycle scenes there are just too many to count. Just watch it.

7. Silver Linings Playbook

I don’t think there are any bikes in this movie but… both main characters are carfree… they are also unstable.

8. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

What is there to say? It’s Pee Wee!

9. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

This scene is considered by many to be one of the best bicycle scenes in film. I can see why. 🙂

10. Breaking Bad

I can think of three bike related scenes in Breaking Bad and they are all fucked up.

  1. … and the Bag’s in the River (Season 1 Episode 3) Walt chokes Krazy 8 to death with a bike lock.
  2. Mandala (Season 2 Episode 11) Tomás shoots Combo while on his BMX.
  3. Dead Fright (Season 5 Episode 5) Definitely the most messed up of the three. Little kid on his dirt bike is shot by Todd.

11. Legally Blonde

Intro with that song Perfect Day by Hoku. There’s a girl riding around campus in a cruiser with a pink and glittery envelope for Elle.

12. America’s Funniest Videos *

Tons of people busting it on bikes… and it never gets old!

13. Grey’s Anatomy

Wow this show sucks ass… but I did get totally hooked on it once a long time ago. I admit I binged on Grey’s and I’m not proud. There is one episode Winning a Battle, Losing a War (Season 1 Episode 3) where a bunch of people were injured in a bike ride, one of the riders died and all the doctors are fighting for his organs. Oh and Meredith kind of flirts with another rider named Viper. I’m not making this up.

14. The Munsters *

Man I loved this show when I was little! No I’m not 70 but in the Caribbean, where I grew up, for some reason they showed this a lot. I don’t know about episodes and all that but Eddie Munster definitely had a bike… and it was sick! Oh yeah I marked this one with a *. No, I didn’t get blazed as a kid but if I were to watch this again I definitely would.


15. Freaks and Geeks *

This show is awesome! It is my go-to Netflix pick in between my binges. You know that sad, empty feeling you get after you finished all five seasons of whatever-the-fuck? Written and directed by Judd Apatow (among others) and the cast includes babies Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Busy Philips, Martin Starr and many others you will recognize. It’s only one season long. 🙁 Ok back to bikes. This is a how about high school in the 70s so yeah lots of bikes but most prominently The Garage Door (Season 1 Episode 12). Neal and his best friends ride around the neighborhood trying to find the garage door that will open with the extra clicker he found in his dad’s car.


16. Saturday Night Live The 2010s *

Damn I can’t think of any bicycle skits off the top of my head from the 2010s specifically… I’m sure there’s at least one though. Let’s just check this one out from 1994 featuring Mike Myers, Julia Sweeney, Rob Schneider, Phil Hartman, Jay Mohr, Norm Macdonald, Adam Sandler, Sasheer Zamata, Martin Lawrence and David Spade. It’s a little long but so nice to see all those faces again.

17. The Walking Dead
Can only think of one bike appearance from the Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1). Which is kind of messed up if you think about it. Where did all the bicycles go? Sorry about the french music in the next clip… don’t get it either.

18. MacGyver ***
Holy shit MacGyver is on Netflix! definitely a ***. I found this awesome wiki page that lists all of the problems solved by MacGyver and here are the bicycle results:
  1. Eagles (Season 2 Episode 8) MacGyver is trying to help an eagle that has been shot by the crossbow of a hunter “In order to launch the above mentioned ball bearings at a high enough rate of speed to build a spark, MacGyver must build a slingshot. He uses a bicycle and some old tubing to do it. He pulls the handlebar grips off the bike and covers the exposed metal on each side with parts of the tubing. Then he replaces the grips over that tubing, giving him a tight but elastic portion of tubing. That’s his slingshot.”
  2. D.O.A. MacGyver (Season 2 Episode 21) “MacGyver fixes a boy’s bicycle with a nameplate, a screw and his Swiss knife. He bends plate to form a chain guide and screws it on place using his Swiss knife’s screwdriver tool.”
  3. Blood Brothers (Season 4 Episode 2) “In a flashback scene, a young MacGyver disassembles a bicycle and reassembles it as a makeshift cart in order to transport his wounded friend to a road where he can get help.”

19. Saved by the Bell

So I really had to reach to be able to include Zack and the gang in this list. I cannot remember actually seeing a bike in SBTB but I do clearly remember a story about him and Jesse riding theirs. Zack was trying to comfort his dear friend after having experienced the world’s most over-dramatic freakout!

20. The Wonder Years

Yes… a show about kids based in the 60s is going to have tons of bikes in it. I have never actually watched this show but because I live on this planet I know about it.

21. Law & Order SVU

So I went through an SVU phase, for sure. But in all honesty, when watching the show, I wasn’t really looking out for bicycles. However, I did find out that Brooklyn’s 718 Cyclery Bike Shop did make it on the show once. SVU actually films on real locations throughout NYC and being a landmark in the show is actually pretty cool. Oh and Christopher Meloni was oh-so hot.

22. The Bernie Mac Show

Wow I cannot tell you how excited I am about this show being on Netflix. I loved this show back in the day. Bernie talking to the camera was genius! In Stiff Upper Lip (Season 4 Episode 3) Bernie decides 8-year-old Brianna is too old to ride a bicycle with training wheels.


23. Project A

Have never seen this movie but boy have I heard about the bicycle chase. It’s Jackie Chan… and it’s hilarious!

24. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This movie has nothing to do with bicycles at all! But if you watch it you will cry… you have never cried for a dog so much. So I am adding it here because Hachi’s best friend uses public transportation. Sniff sniff!

25. Jumanji ***

Those dick-kids chasing young Alan on their bikes is what pretty much starts the whole weird crazy nightmare that is Jumanji.

26. Lilo & Stitch *

I love Lilo & Stitch! Love the whole message about family and love the music, especially Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride. I actually have that song in my iTunes. Luckily this movie can easily be added to the list because Stitch steals a bicycle from one of Lilo’s super mean dance-mates and rides all over the island looking for a way out.

27. Half Baked *****

Thurgood, Scarface and Brian acquire bikes to distribute their new product and get Kenny out of jail man!

28. Adventureland *

I’m pretty sure James and Frigo have bikes.

29. Can’t Buy Me Love

Ronnie doesn’t have a car. He has that big lawn mower and a bicycle. Love this movie!

30. Wayne’s World

This is only one of the best movies of all time. And although the bike scene is short… it’s sweet!

31. The Kids are Alright *

Laser leaves his bike outside in the driveway.

32. Scream 2 *

Cici throws a potted plant and a bike at the killer.

33. Seinfeld *

And of course I love Seinfeld… because it is just hilarious! Jerry always had his green Klein mountain bike hanging in his apartment… as is evident in this very funny video.

And yes, Netflix does have some cycling movies… but I’m sure you can figure those out by yourselves.

Enjoy the rainy days ahead!