Now that the kids are riding on their own more and more, I’m getting a little bored riding on my Dummy solo. Just yesterday I gave my Bobike Mini child seat, the last of my baby bike gear, to my friends’ 6 month-old baby boy.

I took my bike to Nate over at Rage for a tune-up and to take the Bobike’s seat attachment off. When he took it off and gave it back to me saying “Here. Your bike is now 20 lbs lighter.” My heart broke a little and I am determined to add those 20 lbs of bike weight back on as soon as possible. (Btw, it’s not really 20 lbs).

Rather than having another baby, I am looking for a dog to ride with.

I grew up in the Caribbean where our dog culture is very different from the US.

We have street dogs. Mutts. You go to a pound where you get your pick from lots of mixed puppies, find your favorite one, pay a very small fee (for neutering/spaying and shots) and go home. We don’t have PetSmarts and boutique pet hotels and salons. Your dog is a dog that goes out to play, chases wild iguanas with his other street-dog friends, comes home for dinner and waits by the gate till you come home safe at three o’clock in the morning stumbling back from a night out.

I’ve only had one American dog. I got the cutest Basset Hound puppy. I proved to be a terrible dog parent in this great nation. I got this dog every toy and Kong in the land, puppy school, dog parks, photo shoots. My puppy grew up to be a 70 lb behemoth that peed all over my house, took up my whole bed scratching the shit out of me when it was having it’s running dreams, and would eat up a my whole meal in two bites if I even turned around to sneeze.

In the hopes that life with my new American dog goes better this time around, I have three musts:

  1. Small enough to fit in a bike basket or in the Dummy’s side bags.
  2. No puppies. I want to rescue an older dog that is already potty-trained. One without a butt-hole would be preferable, but alas…
  3. No shedding.

Last Saturday I found the perfect dog online. After explaining to Ed that rescuing does not mean free and we would have to shell out about $300 to rescue my new best friend, we went to the very fancy pound adoption-agency in Chandler Fashion Mall. Turns out my perfect dog had been adopted an hour before we got there. 🙁

So I am still dog-less and riding on my Dummy alone, but hopefully not for long.