Coffee Outside, organized by Ryan Hale, is a monthly meeting at Papago Park for all bike people.


1. Talk to strangers. They are friendly, help you with waffles and share their rad coffee.

2. I think the true spirit of Coffee Outside should be electricity-free… but there are plugs available. I remember a while back someone plugged in an espresso machine (hahaha) and last Saturday I used it for the waffle maker. Bring an extension cord if you plan on using power.

3. FREE FRESH EGGS! Listen, I’m tired of hearing myself talk about these damn eggs too, but the family chickens are laying like mad and I can’t keep them all at home. So, you can expect free, fresh and organic eggs for the next couple of months.

4. We want to leave Papago as beautiful as we found it. The wind does blow pretty intense at times so try to bring your goods in a sturdy reusable bag instead of a flimsy plastic bag that could easily end up in the park as trash.


5. Bring coffee! Either just what you will need, or enough to share if you are feeling generous.


6. Bring your friends and make new ones. Everyone is nice.


7. Donuts are easy and so fucking good.

8. If you are a photography enthusiast, bring it! Lots of photographers and fancy equipment in this bunch. You might even go home with your very own Polaroid memento.

9. Beer is always a nice touch. Korina went all the way with coffee stout and koozies for each can.

10. Someone brought the healthy stuff. Thanks!

11. Drip coffee.


12. You can bring your coffee ready to go from your favorite coffee shop… and then bum for more 😉

13. Promote local shit with your shirt.

14. Folding chairs for the win!


15. Single burner camping stoves are nice and easy to carry by bike.

16. Baileys…. yes.


17. Bring the kids. These littles mostly stayed with their parents. Older ones are out exploring the park on their own.


18. French press.

19. Single stoves are nice. Double sturdy ones are even better, and fit easily in a cargo bike. This guy got a lot of use from everyone: boiling water, pancakes and even french toast. Be sure to bring a pan, pot, spatula, etc. (Prepare batter at home, cook on site)

20. Bring yer water. The site does have water but it tastes like… AZ unfiltered water in dirty pipes.


21. Ride your bike!

22. Come even if you are hungover. Everyone else is too!