Yoga with Pat Bailey at The Velo – The Velo – Phoenix, AZ – 05.26.2016


Yesterday I took my new Brompton to Phoenix for Yoga with Pat Bailey at The Velo.

I haven’t done any yoga since my Bikram days, an almost cult-like obsession from a previous life. I was a little worried about going to this event because I’m so out of practice, but the cool thing about yoga is that it is not about anyone else but you. If you are worried about what you look like to others or what they are doing, you are wasting your time. If someone else is judging you, it’s their loss, not yours. They are the ones missing out on the experience.

So I squeezed my butt into my old yoga shorts, spent about 20 minutes looking for my ancient matt and out the door I went. Suck it world!

I really wanted to go to this specific class because it was going to be a “yoga flow for cyclists”. That’s pretty rad since I’m sure you know, we can get pretty tight in some spots after a lot of riding.

I arrived early, giving me a chance to hang out at The Bicycle Nomad Cafe. The cafe was pretty busy and lively with an array of bike people, which is always nice. I ended up chatting up a bit with Anna Kitlar who had just biked into town from New York for a wedding in Mesa! It was great talking with her and checking out her rig. (Ha! Just got this Facebook invite from Erick. If you want to meet Anna and learn more about her trip go to this!)


Anna Kitlar

The class started and there were about 15 students, give or take, who came out to play. Some really knew their shit, but there were people ranging from all skill levels. The group as a whole was very chill and positive.


Lots of happy friendly faces!

So Pat starts talking about her cycling experience, her background in yoga, her clients… and this when I realize that Pat is like… a big deal. Well yes it’s Pat Bailey!! I feel like I was the only one who didn’t know that we were about to embark on this amazing mini-journey lead by an extremely well-known and renowned instructor. Lucky us!

Pat led an intimate, friendly and instructive class. We went over moves to relieve common pressure spots for cyclists as well as techniques to facilitate and keep us present during the ride.

Pat Bailey

Pat Bailey

By the end of the class I was noticeably giddy. My mind was clear and my body felt very light and loose. I couldn’t wait to get on my bike and ride around town.

On my way out I believe I heard Jason or Hari mention they were going to try to find more instructors to lead yoga-for-cyclists classes on a regular basis at The Velo. I hope they do because that was a blast! I didn’t realize just how much my body missed yoga and what a huge difference it can make on your everyday cycling experience.

Some of my favorite moves from last night:

  • Forward and Back Bend Pose (you need a partner for this one)
  • Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Happy Baby
  • Cat/Cow
  • Pigeon
  • Shavasana (of course!)

I know that Landis Cyclery also does a yoga class for cyclists in their Tempe location, which I believe is still being led by local cyclist Jackie Martin. I have to go check that one out too. I think I’m hooked again!